As What Weekly prepares to go on vacation next week, it dawned on us that when we return in July, the year will be half over.

We thought this would be a great opportunity to take a look at some of the stories that have run during the first six months of 2012.

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Bagoas is an undeniably mythical creature who is full of magic and surprises. Currently, Bagoas studies, practices and performs Middle-Eastern Dance, which most of us refer to simply as Belly Dance. Click here to read more about Bagoas!


The Baltimore Rock Opera Society are driven by vision and fueled by passion. If you get it and want in they will find an important place for you. You get to contribute awesomeness and have a good time making it happen. Click here to read more about the BROS!


It is with great joy that we introduce you to a Baltimore Home Grown Infinite Game. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Mixtum. Click here for more info about Mixtum!


Upon entering the National Pinball Museum you’re greeted by giant dinosaur legs. It’s, not-so-subtle, foreshadowing for the fun that is sure to ensue. Click here to read more about the National Pinball Museum!


Create Baltimore 2 is an ‘un-conference’ involving art and technology that lead to many far-reaching topics. Click here to read more about Create Baltimore 2!


FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture is an artistic effort to agitate the culture of rape and promote a culture of consent. Click here to read more about FORCE!


Jeramie Bellmay has remarkable agency over his perception of the world and shares it with great enthusiasm and insight. Click here to read more about Jeramie Bellmay!


By final count, over 700 visitors came through the doors of the Winter Festival of Wonders, including fairies, elves, magicians, wizards, sorcerers, tricksters, freaks, jugglers, and at least one leprechaun! Click here to read more about The Winter Festival of Wonders!


Theatre Project is a unique, beautiful and intimate 150-seat space on Preston Street. It turns 40 years old this season. Click here to read more about the Theatre Project turning 40!


There are few buildings in the Baltimore Arts Skyline that hold as much history, mystery, and allure as the Copycat. For close to 30 years, this 165,000 square foot industrial building has housed every variety of artist who have each adapted gigantic loft spaces into their own little pieces of the world. Click here to read more about the Copycat Project!


It turns out there’s something unexpectedly gratifying about miniaturized cuisine. We attended Small Foods 2012 at the Whole Gallery, which was full of familiar faces and expressed the spirit of community that validates my affection for Baltimore City. Click here to read more about Small Foods!


Last weekend we attended My Big Fat Bawlmer Wedding, a yearly fundraiser for The Baltimore Art & Music Project. The event was a strange mix of small town wedding, kitsch, and down home Baltimore attitude. Click here to read more about My Big Fat Bawlmer Wedding!


James Taylor  is the planet’s foremost authority on sideshow (self-proclaimed, but universally accepted!). For nearly two decades he has been interviewing sideshow folk and collecting their stories in his publication, Shocked & Amazed – On and Off The Midway! Click here to read more about James Taylor!


It has been hard to miss the recent stream of excitement surrounding Open Walls Baltimore – a mural project in Station North headed by local street artist Gaia in collaboration with Station North Arts & Entertainment, Inc. Click here to read more about Open Walls Baltimore!  Want even more? Also click Here and Here! You can also read about the Open Walls Finale Party here!


Friday night found us at Golden West Café in Hampden, to see Spank Rock  perform. He performed Friday night to a sold-out hometown crowd, a crowd clearly made of devout long-time fans, as evidenced by the frenzied dancing, fist-pumping and non-stop singing along to every song. Click here to read more about Spank Rock!


I have always wanted to see a magic lantern show. I remember coming across them in childhood books on magic, and learned about them in film school as an early example of pre-cinema innovation. Nana Projects brings the Magic Lantern to life in their production, Alonzo’s Lullaby. Click here to read more about Alonzo’s Lullaby!


What Weekly readers are familiar with Philip Laubner as one of our regular photographers, capturing amazing photos of Baltimore’s weird and wonderful! Together with Lauren Barnhart, Philip is also the producer behind Instant Gratification– a semi-regular art happening that has taken place every 4 months over the last 4 years. Click here to read more about Instant Gratification!


Kathy Fahey is a low-key, smart, lovely, and thoughtful person. When you experience one of her crankies you are transported to a different universe where “elegance and authenticity are virtues.” The crankie consists of pictures on a long roll of paper which is scrolled past the audience in a viewer, the Crankie Box. Click here to read more about Kathy Fahey.


Britt Olsen-Ecker is an actor, singer, photographer, and so much more! Click here to read more about Britt Olsen-Ecker!


Baltimore is full of spots like Floristree –once vacant buildings reclaimed by artists, and turned into performance and studio spaces. This is not a well-advertised or easy to find place; it’s got an unassuming façade, it’s on a dark street, and whether the front door is propped or unlocked for patrons is hit or miss. Click here to read more about a Night at Floristree!


Jeremy Crawford’s personality is almost as bright, bold and colorful as his paintings. Originally from Vermont, and after a 9 year stint in New York City, Jeremy arrived in Baltimore in 2002, and immediately made a splash in the Baltimore’s wild and wonderful world of art. Click here to read more about Jeremy Crawford’s We Are Gone!


The latest and largest in a series of visionary projects, Matt Muirhead’s quick work last weekend on this huge art bus demonstrates the powerful imagery, determination and joie de vivre that this prolific artist/activist has brought to Baltimore for more than five years now. Click here to read more about Matt Muirhead Going Big!


A few blocks east of Patterson Park, people are playing with rocks. Rocks with names and faces. Rocks with personality. Rocks that rock. Pure Bang Games is one company in the growing field of video game developers that call Baltimore their home. Click here to read more about Pure Bang Games!


Richard Burnham is the president and founder of Graphic Imaging, a family owned business founded in 1987, which currently resides in Charles Village, but will soon be moving to Woodberry. Click here to ream more about Graphic Imaging!


Baltimore’s Megon Dee is proprietor of Corazon Cakery, an up-and-coming local bakery specializing in cupcakes of traditional and vegan varieties. Click here to read more about Corazon Cakery!


Working with Baltimore city student’s ages 10 to 20, Wide Angle Youth Media is a non-profit organization that provides its members with opportunities to share their stories and become more actively involved within the community. Click here to read more about Wide Angle Youth Media!


Hundreds of friends and fans of the Creative Alliance gathered for their annual Marquee Ball. Costumes, creativity, and magic abound, people ate, drank, and were merry to raise money for the arts complex in the Highlandtown Arts District. Click here to read more and see photos from the Marquee Ball!


Charm City Movement Arts is a circus school that opened its doors in October 2011, just a few blocks away from the Creative Alliance with the goal of helping Baltimore take its love of circus to the next level. Click here to read more about Charm City Movement Arts!


For anyone who is not privy to the absolute coolest parts of Baltimore, Celebrated Summer Records is a record store located in the back of Atomic Books on Falls Road in Hampden. That’s right, this record store is so cool that it’s still hanging out in the back of the proverbial classroom. Click here to read more about Celebrated Summer Records!


The 5th floor of the H&H building ran the risk of a total cave in when met with the high energy foot stomping performance of local gypsy band Balti Mare and the New York based Raya Brass Band. Click here to read more and see additional photos from Bali Mare!


The winners of the 2012 Mary Sawyer Baker Prize were announced tonight on Maryland Public Television’s ArtWorks, where the three $25,000 award recipients presented examples of their work along with brief video bio’s of each. In celebration of this year’s winners, The Baker Artist Awards hosted a reception at The Metro Gallery to watch the announcement live. Click here to read more about the Baker Artist Awards!


Musician Daniel Vibeage, who recently left his IT position to pursue his passion of creating, sharing and teaching electronic music to the masses with his new business, Deeply Subjective Music. Click here to read more about Daniel Vibeage and Deeply Subjective Music!


2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Powwow. Since 1988 Powwow has held the last Sunday of April, sometimes first Sunday of May as a gathering for the alternative and all communities of Baltimore to connect in a reunion of sorts. Click here to read more about Powwow!


Melissa Moore and Nikkuu Design are the epitome of the new philosophy that if you can’t find a job that fits all that you are,  make one up. In her case her drive, experience, and dedication has made her as an exciting emerging designer who can serve as an example of trying to carve a niche for themselves in a world that struggles between letting go of the old way of finding a career and the new, more exciting world of creating careers using the passions you already have. Click here to read more about Melissa Moore and Nikku Design!


As a society built on capitalism, it’s only natural we experience entertainment as an “Artist/Consumer” model. Let us introduce The Baltimore Boom Bap Society– two guys committed to giving us a little breathing room. Click here to read more about the Baltimore Boom bap Society!


The Maryland Film Festival is about way more than screening films. It’s about living, for a few days anyway, in an alternate universe where everyone you meet is making a film, acting in a film, planning a film, or simply an enthusiastic, card-carrying cinephile. Click here to read more about the Maryland Film Festival!


The American Visionary Art Museum held their 14th Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race. Kinetic Sculptures are amphibious, human-powered works of art custom-built for the race which AVAM hosts each May on the shore of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Click here to see more from the Kinetic Sculpture Race!


Tune in as Baynard Woods of the Barnyard Sharks tells all in this VERY revealing expose. Click here to hear the interview with the Barnyard Sharks!


As I sat in the audience at opening night of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s newest production, Valhella, I found myself realizing that BROS are officially one of my favorite things about living in this city. Click here to read more about the BROS Valhella!


For the past 15 years, Detroit native Mathew Bainbridge has worked at the top of the Baltimore film industry. His résumé includes major motion pictures Liberty HeightsCecil B. Demented, and Head of State. He’s done production work on David Simon’s television series Homicide and The Wire. Click here to read more about Matthew Bainbridge!


Connoting the Last Supper and tangentially reminding me of Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party, F.E.A.S.T, curated by Rebecca Nagle and brought into production by the collaborative effort of 40+ artists, was an adventurous feat into theatre, food, and the delights of subversive & playful dream reality. Click here to read more about F.E.A.S.T.!


First, it is impossible to talk about this album without first talking about Telesma. While a lot of other bands think that they do their own thing, Telesma really does. Click here to read more about Telesma’s Action In Inaction!


Jennifer Stephens, also known as Marigold Bumbleroot, is a professional bubble-blower. Click here to read more about Jennifer Stephens!


Dwellers of any city know the importance of independent artists to the upkeep of local culture. The up-and-coming neighborhood near Hollins Market in South West Baltimore (So-We-Bo) is chock full of exactly these sorts of artists, so on Sunday, May 27th, locals of the neighborhood and surrounding areas gathered for the “Never Say Never” Sowebohemian Arts Festival. Click here to read more about the Sowebohemian Arts Festival!


Baltimore street artist Toven claims not to be political. But it seems his intelligence, his vision, his drive to create art from the “beauty and shittiness and decay” of abandoned homes gets the best of him. Click here to read more about TOVEN!


A night of barstool banter introduced me to Alex Hacker, a part-time bartender and full-time playwright who will soon make his theater debut. Click here to read more about Alex Hacker!


Shawn Theron is an artistic force. Painting under the name SOGH, he says he has sold 15,000 paintings (and counting) in a studio in his back yard in Carney. And the engine behind all these is the primary relationship in his life. His relationship with his grandmother, Red. Click here to read more about SOGH!


When you meet Robert Marbury, and experience his work, you are struck by two things – his absolute strangeness and his high degree of craftsmanship.  He has a unique and powerful trait that allows him to, not only envision completely obscure ideas but to see them through to the very end. Click here to read more about Robert Marbury!


The people of Bawlmer gathered to let their hair down—or, rather, gather it in a beehive—and show their pride for their city. HonFest, a Baltimorese celebration of culture, took over the Hampden area on June 9th and 10th, as it has every year since 1994. Click here to read more about the Bawlmer HonFest!


Our appearences don’t always show our commonalites. Such a message fuels the Baltimore installation for the Inside Out Project, a street art movement that promotes sentiments of unity and togetherness through art. Click here to read more about Inside Out Baltimore!


Matt Gilman’s skill on wheels is sick. He’s been riding specialty bikes for twenty years, starting with BMX and mountain bikes. Later, he started trials, a niche of trick riding that originated in attempts to augment control in biking by never touching one’s feet to the ground. He is also legally blind. Click here to read more about The Blind Biker!

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