Photos from 2011 Transmodern Festival by Theresa Keil

Transmodern Festival 2011

Puppet Tyranny. High-stakes silent disco. Performance-based dinner served with dinner-based performance. Crowd-surfing art exhibits. Mickey Free.

It’s that time of year again: the 9th Annual Transmodern Festival begins Thursday night outside the Current Space and runs through Sunday afternoon, bringing you four days of high-caliber, w.t.f. performance art, because there ain’t shit on T.V. tonight.

If you’ve experienced Transmodern before, you’ve probably cleared your calendar already for this weekend. If not, prepare to have your brain opened wide.

From Transmodern’s website, the festival is “a cultural phenomenon presenting radical, experimental, expectation-defying work from local, national, and international artists.” For a good preview of the candy your brain can expect, check out our coverage of last year’s festival.

Transmodern 2011 – Rooms Play

Past years have included N.E.S. dance performance, Rooms Play by the Copycat Theater, eight-legged monster drummers, and squirrels feeding pizza to humans. And don’t expect the folks at Transmodern to run out of ideas any time soon.

Among this year’s highlights: F.E.A.S.T., an extravaganza of food, drag, art, talk, and music designed to impress every sense you possess. The Body X-tended featuring Eric F. Avery, The Dandy Vagabonds, Lurch and Holler re-imagines the fashion  show through variations on the theme of human form. Crowd Surfing views art at an arms-length, passed over the heads of the audience to the sounds of local band Weekends. All the while, projections, performances and installations will be taking place at Alley OOOOPs in Tyson Alley, featuring Bethany Dinsick, Meg Rorison, Sam Shea, and more.

Transmodern 2011

Check out the schedule below for a complete list of times and locations, and get stoked for what looks to be the best Transmodern Fest yet

Thursday, May 17

Current Space (421 N Howard)

7:30  – 10:30pm

-The F.E.A.S.T Dinner Theatre




Friday, May 18

Alley-OOOOOPs! (Franklin and Saratoga Streets)

7:30-12pm – Projections/Performances


D:center @ MAP (218 W. Saratoga St.)

8-9:00pm – Effervescent Collective


The 14Kt Cabaret (218 W. Saratoga St.)

9-11:30pm – The Body X-tended

11:30pm – The Body Pageant


Current Space (421 N Howard)

7:30 – 10:30pm

-The F.E.A.S.T Dinner Theater

-Carl Marx

-Zodiacal Light


-DJ -Jason Willet


Saturday, May 19

Alley-OooooooPs! (Franklin and Saratoga Streets )




D:center @ MAP  (218 W. Saratoga St.)


-Effervescent Collective


-Crowd Surfing featuring Weekends


The 14Kt Cabaret (218 W. Saratoga St.)


-The Quiet Show.. Ear Lappers


Current Space (421 N Howard)

7:30 -10:30pm

-The F.E.A.S.T Dinner Theater

-Puppet Tyranny

-Tabat Monroe

-DJ – Josh Van Horn


Sunday, May 20
Pedestrian Service Exquisite @ Baltimore’s Farmers Market and Bazaar (Jones Falls Expressway at Holliday & Saratoga Streets)


-The Compliment Fairy

-Never Bird Theatre

-Seasonal Affected Disorder

-Daniel Van Allen

-The FM Milkmaids with Andrea

-Barrage Marching Band



– Fluid Movement’s LOVE PARADE!

Transmodern 2011