Single Carrot Theatre‘s Gold Rush Gala, their sixth annual fundraiser, went off without a hitch Saturday night.

The event, catered by Joe Squared with music by The Moonlighters and The Manly Deeds, was (what else?) 1840’s-themed, replete with string-ties, cowboy hats, overalls, and beers.

“It’s an opportunity for us to get to know our patrons, to raise a glass with them, to dance with them,” said Single Carrot’s managing director Elliott Rauh. “Plus, it’s so much fun to take over the first floor of Load of Fun and transform it completely for a couple of hours.”

Last year’s gala theme was “les bon temps roule,” and the year before Load of Fun Space was turned into a 1920’s speakeasy. “We chose ‘gold rush’ so that, if you couldn’t come dressed up as a saloon wench, there would be a color theme you could be a part of,” said Rauh. Saloon wenches were in no shortage, but the event also hosted its share of casual cowboys, and even regular suit-and-tie gala-goers.

With its collaboration of local food, music, and theatre, Rauh said the event exemplified the energy of Station North.

“It’s great seeing what this neighborhood has evolved into in the last 5 years,” said Rauh. “Before, it was unthinkable that people would come to North Avenue dressed in a tuxedo for a gala.”

Enjoy these photos courtesy of Breck Jones