Dr. Finius J. Nodnol III, Esq., checking in after a truly Wonder-Full weekend at Area 405.

The Winter Festival of Wonders began when it organizers, David London & Jeramie Bellmay, applied for a “Think Big” Grant from the Station North Arts & Entertainment District, designed to bring new artists and audience to Station North to experience and contribute to the cultural phenomenon taking place there. In accordance with the goal of the grant, I would like to offer a Dr. Nodnol official Mission Accoplished. 

By final count, over 700 visitors came through the doors of the three day event, including fairies, elves, magicians, wizards, sorcerers, tricksters, freaks, jugglers, and at least one leprechaun!

The Wizards Ball started off the event, with music by Aligning Minds and Kilowatts, and a variety of roaming performers and personalities – some hired, other who just showed up for the festivities! The Show of Magic was filled with laughs, mystery and the unexpected. Telesma delivered with a bang and allowed us all to share in their trance! My very own Sunday Circus ended the event with 7 acts each of whom would have stolen the show if they were not all in it together!

The Mystery Marketplace was a huge success, and the daytime workshops provided the opportunity for many, both young and old, to walk on a tightrope, juggle, belly dance, hoola hoop, learn magic and make music, as well as enjoy a lecture on the history of the Sideshow by James Taylor of Shocked and Amazed Magazine, and supplier of the festivals Cabinet of Curiosities.

Many of the visual artists were on hand throughout the weekend, including Joel Dreamm, Ben Tolman, EMP Collective, Rebecca Nagle, Brian Baker, Heather Joi Baker, Ed Gross, Chad Ellis, Philip Laubner and Toby Verhines.

All in all, the magical creatures came out of the woodworks this past weekend and converged at the Winter Festival of Wonders to celebrate Wonder, Magic & Play – those things that remind us all just what it means to be alive.

We were fortunate to have Philip Laubner on hand to document some of the magic. Please enjoy his short photo essay below!

Until next time, unless I see you in your dreams,

Dr. Finius J. Nodnol III, Esq.


David London, Operations Director for Winter Festival of Wonders

Jeramie Bellmay, Art Director of Winter Festival of Wonders

Stewart Watson of Area 405

Robin Gunkle

Paco Fish at The Wizards Ball

Heather Joi Baker at The Wizards Ball

Bubble Faerie Jennifer Stephens

Carl Stevens and the Scoposcope

 Janet Spahr plays the Hang during Saturday’s Mystery Marketplace!

Tightrope Workshop with Charm City Movement Arts

Jennifer Stephens with Third Eye Open

A Visitor to the Cabinet of Curiosities

David London performing at the Show of Magic

Denny Haney performs at The Show of Magic

Jeramie Bellmay paints Ian Hesford and Jason Sage of Telesma

Ian Hesford, Joanne Juskus, Jason Sage and Bryan Jones of  Telesma

Brian Jones of Telesma

Cabinet of Curiosities provided by James Taylor’s Shocked and Amazed!

James Taylor and Burlesque Queen Cherríe Sweetbottom in front of Ben Tolman‘s “Jump”

Kaela Marie Land hands out Free Cotton Candy at Dr. Nodnol’s Sunday Circus!

ellen cherry performs in Dr. Nodnol’s Sunday Circus

Dr. Finius J. Nodnol III, Esq. and Dylan Kohler (BROS)

Bagoas performs in Dr. Nodnol’s Sunday Circus