Tonight marks the opening reception of Ouch! a collection of new work by one of Baltimore’s favorite artists. Okan Arabacioglu’s, illustrations have been featured in Rolling Stone, the Boston Globe, Urbanite, Baltimore Citypaper, and other notable international publications. He also lists Sonic Youth as one of his clients, which is particularly awesome. He’s also won a boat load of awards which you can find at his website but the thing to do is go the reception tonight, see the work, and meet the artist for yourself.  The reception starts at 6 pm.

The Metro Gallery

Okan Arabacioglu uses his art to mimic life as a process of learning and experimenting. Every time we try something new, we gain a new layer of information and knowledge. These experiences include losing someone we love, the physical pains that we feel every morning when we get out of bed and the myriad of trials between. These vary from person to person, and with each new conflict the last is sealed into memory. Every brush stroke, every pencil mark, every layer of shellac and polyurethane poured onto his paintings seals in the hardships that we have to face everyday. Ouch! is an exhibition which features the external expressions of paintings and drawings dealing with internal growing pains and hardships, committing them beyond memory and offering insight into the common personal experiences we may share.”