This past weekend marked inaugural race for the Baltimore Grand Prix. There have been arguments for and against it. Proponents of the race argue the annual event will raise the profile of the city and result in revenue for Baltimore and its businesses. Opponents claim that it’s wasteful, it inconveniences the citizens of Baltimore, and doesn’t reflect their interests. There’s also the topic of the trees that were sacrificed that made its way around our social networking feeds.

What do you think? We’re you there? Do you have an opinion? We’re interested in hearing your thoughts. Take a look at the amazing photos from Tedd Henn and feel free to comment below.





























  • Craig Shipp

    Great photos!

  • Formuladoug

    I paid over $400 each for 3 3-day tickets and $70 for 3-days of reserved parking “close” to the track.  I was supposed to have TV’s to track the race, food, pit access, and an exclusive-access only seating area.  What I got was a plastic chair in an area full of trash that was not cleaned-up throughout the weekend, no controls on access to the seating area (ie. folks that did not pay $400, instead they paid $65, sitting right next to me), no food or drink on Friday, no TV’s, no Pit access, and my parking was a 7 minute bus ride away in a $5.50 daily rate lot.  Not being a downer here, as it was awesome racing on a great track, just telling it the way it was.  BTW…still can not find to whom I should be making contact, to resolve these issues, as the website is now down and the ticket company will not take responsibility.  Does anyone know whom to call or write to that will take responsibility?  Thanks.

  • Jorel Guire

    This “past” weekend, not “passed”.