The fact that it’s taken us this long to stuff a delicious, flakey pie with steak is an indication of how far we have yet to come as a species. The obviousness astounds and it reveals an unfortunate truth: We’ve totally been slacking when it comes to fulfilling our pie potential. It took a visionary of sorts to proclaim that not only does expertly marinated pulled pork work in a pie scenario, its flavor excels in the comforting layers of warm, hand rolled pie crust. The name of the business built on these simple truths is entirely appropriate. The pies of which I speak are indeed, Dangerously Delicious and they didn’t even pay me to say that.

The fact that BVU (Business Volunteers Unlimited) hosted a fundraiser for their GIVE Program at the Canton restaurant, provided an opportunity to sample the goods though calling the event ‘Getting Baked’ was totally misleading. There was no pot there at all. There were, however, a variety of fantastic savory and sweet pies, too many to recount in the annals of What Weekly, but we will take a look at a few. To get the full experience, you’re just gonna have have to stop into the pie shop for yourself.

Incidentally, GIVE is an exceptional two year program that provides an education in volunteerism to young adults with the intention of preparing them for civic leadership. All told BVU has referred over 90,000 volunteers. That’s the opposite of slacking for those of you keeping score. Anyone who has a penchant for changing the world might want to have a look at their playbook. If you’d like to know more about GIVE or BVU, I would encourage to wander on over to their website on the other end of this link.




Truly one of the most perfect pecan pies you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting.

Did I mention the entertainment?


Apple pie.

Artist and designer Jessica Watson showed her work at the fundraiser and proceeds from the sales went to benefit the GIVE Program.

The facilitator of Getting Baked, Andrew Rose, with Molly Johnston from Dangerously Delicious Pies.

Sweet or savory? That is the question young Jack Callahan wrestled with until the wee hours of the early evening.




Tracy Ward, publisher of Urbanite Magazine, was one of the volunteers learning the finer points of pie. Tracy is also the winner of this week’s prestigious and highly coveted, “Though It’s True You Make Available One of The Few Magazines In Town That Reflects The Depth of Intellect and Thoughtfulness of Our Citizenry, Your Ability To Master A Gargantuan Whisk and a Mammoth Mixing Bowl Large Enough That You Could Have Just as Easily Climbed Into It And Floated Down River a la Huck Finn, Is Also A Great Achievement To Be Celebrated Independently of Other More Difficult to Accomplish Accomplishments,” award. If you run your magazine anything like we run ours, the fact that you won this award will be on the cover of your next issue.


You wouldn’t believe what’s going on under those crusts.



  • Andrew

    This is such a well written (and photographed article).Thank you for all you do for Charm City.