A young woman is tied to a medieval looking table in a strange circular room. A reclusive squatter feeds poisoned cookies to her last-ever houseguest. Two girls, lost in an infinite cornfield, bury an old lady in a deep grave. Rose, the heroine, runs for a mile through an utterly deserted neighborhood of foreboding McMansions.

This is a Grimm’s tale run amok, this is ROWS the movie. We’re now at DAY 7 of shooting, and though I have been writing about the production of ROWS for over a year now, there is no time to paint the full picture – we have a 6:30 am call and it’s past midnight. Sleep is dear, but production adrenalin keeps the company moving.

Our cast and crew of about 20-plus people are working some seriously long hours to bring this dream into reality, though sometimes we do get the two mixed up. ROWS LLC has raised most of the production budget, and we’re also in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to help make up the shortfall. Check out the Rows Promo Video at this link.

We have Baltimore cast and crew, as well as visiting artists from L.A., New York, and even Argentina. All of these people have to sleep somewhere, so I have several actors, and the cinematographer, living in my house, and neighbors putting up others. We’ve had some excellent guest chefs preparing dinners, and guest photographers like Glenford Nunez, and other amazing contributions from Baltimore folks like Jonathan Stack and Carol Gutierrez of Panache Cuisine and Serious Grip & Electric, and in Bel Air, Maria of Savona Deli, and Sandy and Steve of Hair Design. There are so many other people to thank and praise, but that all will come later, with a wrap party and screen credits.

Photos by Glenford Nunez and Alex Wein

Story by David Warfield