Photos by Theresa Keil
Words by Justin Allen

Recently, we sat parked on the side of Pratt Street looking back at the U.S.S. Constellation through formidable sheets of rain marching across downtown Baltimore. She sat their, in her harbor, hosting a fundraiser while framed by darkest clouds and lightening during what might have been the most spectacular storm of the summer. We checked our Facebook and Twitter, via smart phones, for signs of life from the boat and pondered the consequences of moving our gear, and ourselves, through the pounding precipitation and in the end, we decided against it. But, photographer Theresa Keil had made it aboard before the storm and brought back evidence of party that persevered despite the odds. It looks like we missed a helluva good time.

The Big Green Pirate Party was a fundraiser for Baltimore Center for Green Careers, a Civic Works project that has a kick-ass mission and an impressive track record. They plan to throw more parties in the future and due to their outstanding contribution to the city, we plan to be there.

Green Party for a Purpose Captain Kristen Schuck and Patricia Tamirez of Divine Gypsy Designs

Baltimore Green Careers provides training and job opportunities for unemployed and underemployed city residents in areas concerning environmental sustainability. In addition to placing people in jobs, they’re also providing free business development services, free training for all environmental certifications, and paid on the job training for contractors interested in entering the field residential energy efficiency. I must confess that I’ve only started learning about this organization but it seems that there are some innovative thinkers behind the scenes and the example that they’re setting is admirable.

Baltimore Green Careers boasts a 90% placement rate after training and an average starting wage of between $12 and $16 an hour for participants in the program. If you don’t find those statistics at all inspirational, you’re on the wrong website.

To find out how you can get involved with Baltimore Green Careers you can visit their website for more information by clicking here.

To find out about future parties in support of Baltimore Green Carers you can visit the Green Party For A Purpose website here.

To explore the impact that Baltimore Green Careers has had on individuals read what Greg Hanscom had to say about it in the Urbanite.

Yesha Hayes and Dallas Hayden

Scott Tipton

John and Patricia

Callie Hildreth

Liz Winter, Callie Hildreth, Ali Lang Lang, and Jenbem

Photos by Theresa Keil
Words by Justin Allen

  • Scott Tipton

    ~ One hell of a rainy, fun night!  Great pics Theresa!

  • Likethesunrise16

    It’d be nice if the ladies performing had names and the group they were with was mentioned : )

    • Justin

      Tell us who they are and we’ll oblige.

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