Story and photos by David Warfield

ROWS starts shooting in 30 days! When you make a film, you meet lots of interesting, talented, people from all walks of life. We’ve been working with a couple of great artists, Jason Koch and Kaleigh Brown, who specialize in all walks of death.

Jason and Kaleigh are the founders of Baltimore-based Aftermath FX Studio. They are both graduates of the Tom Savini School of Special Effects Makeup, and of the Art Institute of Pittsburg. They’ve got the know-how and experience to amputate a limb, impale a witch, whip up some werewolf teeth, or produce a monster to order.

But more than that, they have a great love for the craft and for cinema, and a work ethic that’s manna for filmmakers. They are not limited to gore and horror effects (though they can sure bring it). When we visited them last Monday, for example, they were mass- producing Jackalopes. Check them out on Facebook & IMDb.

ROWS is not a slasher, or particularly gory, but we do have some specific scary effects that need an expert touch. Kaleigh and Jason had solid answers for each effect, and gave us options on how to, well, execute them. Priceless.

Meanwhile, pre-production for ROWS is getting super-heated. We are a company now, ROWS LLC. We’re still pulling together cast and certain key crew positions. Reach us at for more info. Thirty days out, and sleep is already rare. I can’t wait to see the Aftermath.

Story and photos by David Warfield

  • Johnny M

    B.R.O.S. NATION!!!  Aftermath FX also provided the severed limbs and gore for ‘Amphion’!