Nether brings us another installment of his video series exploring the underground street art scene in Baltimore City.

Music by: Ground Up
Song Title: Time

Photo and Film by Nether

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  • H Brother_13

     good video this spectacular live the graff..attt: ricardo venezuela

  • Francis Rahl

    A person should never force his or her attentions on others–either violence, sex, or art. It’s not OK to paint something on somebody’s building or fence just because you’re a good painter.

    • Justin

      The intellectual articulation of your point will never reach the masses as quickly as the visual presence of any well executed street art/ graff piece–aiming to reinvent bleak urban areas.  I love street art more than anything but shitty tags all over the city are trashy.  I do feel for any person who discovers a messy NGC DUSH or whatever the next pathetic vandal’s name is on their wall. On some level that shit’s fucked up but at the same time being the restrictor of the human’s vessel to non-violently express themselves is way more digressive and evil… Im not even sure of the necessity of my response in the moral defense of street artist because hey either way graffiti is always one step ahead of the buffers, cops, and general haters. To defend their points haters gotta work harder. To bring it back to your response to the video, in short, if i were you I would give up and focus your hate on violence and sexual assault rather than artists.

  • Fuckit upenheimer

    y’all niggaas gaaay baltimore graffiti isn’t important if you paint in the sam spots all the time and wear bandanas and listen to atmosphere

  • supertechno

    you all is the proper pronunciation you southern ass hole. graffiti under bridges is awesome! i love sloppy shit u need to go to hell i love talking about montana sponsors graffiti

  • Swag from da past

    yo yo yo bboy shit uh! like hip hopstyles, is u from the 80’s me n my mates from uk think ur off da chains bruh show me how u do et mate can i get a montana sponsorship too? i love the paint we go hard, SWAG!

  • Freelove man

    hi im a buddhist and i do graffiti and i agree you should pay more attention to sexual assault because jail is against my religion. free art. free love. volkswagen man