Elizabeth Brady

WW: Tell me a little bit about your inspiration for these paintings.

EB: My new pieces are evolving to be less a direct representation and more of a reflection on Baltimore and the realities of those living here. The new series is directly influenced and informed by my experiences working with student artists and community members in Baltimore City.

This body of work, particularly the “Innocence” series, serves several purposes for me. On one level, I needed a way to reflect on the things I’ve seen and the stories I’ve heard working with young people over the past few year. There are a multitude of challenges facing youth growing up in Baltimore and these paintings reflect a powerlessness and frustration I feel and recognized in some students.

WW: From your perspective, in what ways has this project impacted you and those around you?

EB: I wanted the chance to share information about the great people and organizations in our city working every day to make our schools and our city better. I wanted to use the work as a platform for the very real impact they make. People often simply don’t know how to get involved or how to choose an organization to help. I know firsthand the work that these organizations do and the people involved on the ground, so I wanted to connect the resources of art buyers and viewers to the people doing great work on our streets and in our communities and schools. I’d love to be a resource for those hoping to get more involved.”

The exhibitions of Elizabeth Brady Urban Reflections & David Page Familiar / Peculiar will be on view through Saturday October 23 at Jordan Faye Contemporary. The gallery is located at 1401 Light Street in Federal Hill. Gallery hours are Wed – Thurs 12 – 7p / Fri & Sat 12 – 5p Mon & Tues by appt. www.jordanfayecontemporary.com

Elizabeth Brady shot her paintings with bullets at Fox Spring Farms in Loganville, PA with the assistance of artist T.R. Kaltreider.

*Note: Several of the pieces from this exhibition will remain on view during our Full Spectrum Exhibition which runs from October 26 – November 5, at jordan faye contemporary.
In addition artist T.R. Kaltreider will have an Open House on November 6 up in York, PA.


Child First Authority’s mission is to develop youth by strengthening and reforming schools.
Child First is consistently successful in delivering quality after-school academic and arts programs to a critical mass of youth and mobilizing community leaders in high needs communities to act on their most important concerns. Learn more at http://childfirstauthority.org.

Build (Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development) is a broad-based community power organization, rooted in Baltimore’s neighborhoods and churches. Build has worked to improve housing, increase job opportunities, and rebuild schools and neighborhoods in Baltimore for over 30 years. Learn more about their SAVE OUR YOUTH/SAVE OUR CITY campaign at .

New Lens is a youth driven social justice organization that makes art and media about issues where a youth perspective can inspire change. In the upcoming year, New Lens will be developing a youth documentary on the education system in Baltimore exploring issues around education for an audience of youth and those who have an interest in educational change. Learn more at http://www.newlens.info.

Baltimore’s Safe and Sound Campaign seeks to measurably improve the health, safety and well being of Baltimore’s children and youth. http://www.safeandsound.org

Safe Streets [The Living Classroom Foundation] The core strategy of Safe Streets is to engage community stakeholders in planning and carrying out community activities, public responses to shootings and homicides, and mobilization of residents to take the streets back from criminals and gangs. http://www.livingclassrooms.org/training/safe-streets.html

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